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We will never intentionally release your private information to any third party-For ATO eyes only!    Lets be Private!

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Privacy Policy

Personal Information

A privacy policy should provide the consumer with a sense of transparency regarding the company. Some important things that a consumer should consider when looking for good privacy policy include:

  • What personal information is being collected?
  • How will your personal information be used?-For ATO only
  • How will your personal information be stored?-Secured Firewall
  • Are there security measures protecting your personal information? Yes
  • Do you use the latest security protocols and encyption? Yes
  • Will your personal information be shared with others? NO
  • How can you contact the company?-website
  • Use our we site difficulties(footer) for notifying potential data breaches
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Privacy Policy

How it works

If you have a late tax return, lodge it as soon as possible. (The longer you wait, the more chance of ATO fines and interest charges.) If you lodge your late tax return now and you don’t owe the ATO any money, usually they won’t charge any late penalties*. It doesn’t matter if you have one late return or 15 overdue tax returns – the sooner you lodge your returns, the better. If your income is below the tax free threshold or you had no income, you are still required to notify the ATO. Instead of lodging a late tax return, you’ll need to submit an ATO “Non-Lodgement Advice”. This lets the ATO know that you were not required to lodge a tax return that year. If you think this applies to you, please start and sign a return for the years you have outstanding. Then send us a message using “my messages” in the top menu. We’ll check your records with the ATO and confirm whether you need to lodge a late tax return or a Non-Lodgement Advice and we’ll help you get it done in no time.

  • You ring or register your late tax online
  • We pre pepare most of the years late from ATO portal sources
  • We add your deductions and give you a summary of the results
  • We can do up to 15-20 years late no stress
  • Use our AfterPay Credit service to fund tax lodgement.
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Data Collection

The Police tax Multi late years online tax return is fast and simple. 1. have your group certificates ready for late years 2. register with us for any late certificates missing 3. Tell us your state year with the police force 4. we will advise of legal suggested tax deductions 5. 48 Hour service if less than 5 years late 6. 4/5 days service if more than 5 years late 7. Result discussed with you before lodgement 8. you will know where your stand with the ATO 9 late HECs payments no problems. 10. all completed by qualified police tax accountants.

  • We specialise in multiple late tax years
  • No stress service
  • Great results perhaps without fines if owed refunds
  • Don’t forget that you can use our After-Pay Credit service
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Privacy Policy

Security measures

You can do your late tax return efficiently using our Police Tax specialist service. Do you have a previous year’s tax return that’s overdue? Or maybe you have several late taxes returns you’re avoiding? Don’t worry: You’ve come to the right place.

  • Start you late years Online
  • Book an appointment or skype late tax
  • Register online first so we can prepare late tax drafts
  • You must register if you are a new client so we get all of your basic information right
  • Our website is highly secure using latest Security certificates and encription
  • Done with the minimum of fuss

Privacy Policy

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Comprehensive online tax system designed for the busy police officer or clients wishing to use a specialised online tax service with plenty of tax deductions just for police work

  • No need to register for this service
  • Simple 5 stage tax preparation service
  • Extensive help option online or simply call us
  • We always call you to discuss the results
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