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About Us-Online Tax For Police Officers

About Us



About our Service
Police tax is committed to being the best, most thorough tax return service available to Australian Police Force Members.The PoliceTax team is proud to ensure Australian Police officers are being taken care of getting the best possible tax outcome.

The average tax preparer does not know the unique deductions available to Australian Police Members especially if they use the ATO My-Tax Online.

Whether you are filing your own taxes or using a Non Specialist Police Tax service, chances are you are missing out on thousands of dollars on your annual tax return. 

Our Police Clients include Officers from all Duties/ranks and backgrounds Australia Wide. 

Maximise all you Police Tax Deductions
  • We identify all possible legal tax claims
  • 30 years experince with Police Members
  • Over 600 Tax claims available on our checklists
  • Dont miss out on all your available Police Work Deductions

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