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Police officers with Landlord Rental Properties

Our Landlord/rental tax service

Police officers take full advantage of our rental property tax lodgment service and knowledge about rental property tax deductions. Contact us if you need more assistance in this area, Police Officers call 1800 819 692 our rental property hotline. We are confident working with Police Officer landlords to get the best out of negative gearing and tax deductions to be claimed on rental properties.Police Officers

  • Police Officers-Landlord checklists available
  • Depreciation schedules completed
  • We have over 850 landlord Police tax clients
  • White paper on negative gearing available (see our blog)

Police Officers Rental tax appointments OR Start Landlord Tax
Police Officers Landlord rental properties tax

Landlord Rental Properties

How it works

We gather information about your rental property, the rents you have collected throughout the year and collate and advise on the specific tax rental deductions available to landlord clients.Police Officers

  • Preliminary set up of new landlord clients
  • extensive landlord/rental checklists are available just call us
  • Assistance with depreciation schedules
  • Its easy to change your rental from another tax accountant to us

Police Officers Landlord tax appointment OR Start Landlord Tax
Police Officers Landlord Rental tax process

Landlord Rental Properties

Landlord Registration

We have a quick registration for new landlords to our tax practice, the process is to get information about your rental property or multiple properties to get your tax started a lot easier.Police Officers rental properties

  • Initial first-time landlord registration online
  • We prepare most of the rental information
  • We know are property stuff ask the principal he invests in property
  • Get the best landlord tax refund you have ever had

Police Officers Landlord registration for tax OR Start Landlord Tax
Police Officers registration landlord tax

Landlord Rental Properties

Tax Refunds

Your rental property tax refunds are maximised and lodged when you are completly satisfied with the result.Police Officers rental properties

  • Pre-set checklists and procedures
  • We fully understand property investing and capital gains
  • Top notch rental tax refunds
  • No nonsense advice on negative gearing

Tax refunds for landlord rental properties OR Start Landlord Tax
Tax refunds for police landlords rental properties

Landlord Rental Properties

Start this service

You can start the basics of your landlord rental tax return or
get hold of resources to assist with lodging you landlord tax return with us. Police Officers rental properties

  • Need help call out tax hotline
  • Upload any property or depreciation schedules here
  • Get landlord checklists here
  • landlord taxes are very simple when you use are service

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