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We know your industry........... Highly specialised Tax for Police Officers........... 600 Police Tax Deductions........... Dont miss out........... Top notch refunds........... We know your occupation

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Accountants Plus Group Pty Ltd
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Smart Tax For Police Officers
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Skype Tax Registration

New Client Registration Forms
New Client Police Registration

1. General Details

2. Basic Tax Questions

3. Job Details to help with best refund

4. Additional Information

5. Others

× Info! Please do not fill in this form if you have been to us before.
1. For Police Officers fill in the basic registration details to assist with us preparing your personal income tax return
2. Spouses who are also a Police Officer repeat the same as 1 above
3. For spouses who are not a police officer  ie Other Job Occupations (non Police) Click below
When you submit this information it is used to get your tax work commenced before your appointment and to link your tax file number with our tax agents number for access to the ATO Portal.
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