Tax deductions for Police Officers

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Tax deductions for Police Officers

Work related Car Kms

Police Officers make sure you understand the importance of claiming in this area.
When you can claim
You can claim a deduction for work-related car expenses if you use your own car in the course of performing your job as a Police Officer – for example, to:

  • carry bulky tools or equipment that the Police dept requires you to use for work and you can't leave at work
  • Police Officers attending conferences or meetings
  • deliver items or collect supplies
  • travel between two separate Stations
  • travel from your normal workplace to an alternative workplace
  • Survelliance or drive by a suspects premises
  • travel to Police academy for training
  • travel to courts for Police business

Police Officers you do not need written evidence, but you need to be able to show how you worked out your business kilometres

When you can't claim

  • Generally, you can't claim the cost of travel between home and work because this travel is private.
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private car kms for Police business

Tax deductions for Police officers

Travel & accomodation

Police Officers there are specific record-keeping requirements for Police travel expenses, depending on whether your travel allowance is shown on your payment summary, whether your travel was domestic or overseas, the length of your travel and your occupation.

  • air travel and taxi fares
  • bridge and road tolls, parking fees
  • Accomodation costs not reimbursed
  • Meals & out of pockets not reimbursed
  • incidental expenses you incur while away overnight for work
  • short-term car hire
  • Live in costs at Police academy

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Carparking & tolls

Tax deductions for Police officers

Uniform & clothing

D3 Work-related clothing, laundry and dry-cleaning expenses.Police officers can claim the cost of a work uniform that is distinctive (such as one that has your State police logo permanently attached to it).
Plain clothes are normally not deductible unless they are oversized for covert operations or used as a disguise

  • laundering and dry-cleaning of uniforms
  • Alterations & repairs
  • Special thermals,hats,protective gloves
  • Extra Tactical pants and boots

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Police uniform and maintenance

Tax deductions for Police officers

Other Work related expenses

To claim a deduction for a other work-related expenses in your Police job you must have:
-spent the money yourself
-you weren't reimbursed
-expense must be directly related to earning Police income
-you must have a record to prove it.

    What we generally claim for Police Officers are:
  • D4 Self education expenses related to work
  • D5 Police Association/Union
  • D5-Communications & Technology for work
  • D5-Home office/stationary
  • D5-Tactical or Professional equipment
  • D5-And many more deductions Click here Get free checklist.

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Tax deductions

Tax deductions for Police Officers

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