Designed for:

  • Police officers in a hurry for a tax refund
  • Don't have private health insurance pending
  • Want a cost effective service($175.00)
  • Tax result back by sms same day
  • Quick electronic sign off
  • Refund back 10-14 days*
  • This service expires on 28/7/2022

Have your credit card handy for payment:

  • Your express tax form will auto-load upon credit card payment
  • Any questions call Anne on 0418 327 096.

Terms & Conditions of engagement

Policetax Express delivery tax

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Police tax

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Quick Deductions

D2 Tolls/carparking:
D3 Uniform( add $150 laundry)

Other Work related deductions

D5.1 Union Fees
D5.2 Mobile( only $50 if no log kept)
D5.3 Internet( ATO allow only $50)
D5.4 Small Tech items
D5.5 tactical Gear
D5.5 Misc

D9 Charity/Legacy
D10 Tax agent last year
Total deductions