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  • Fast and easy to use-minimum fuss

    Allows for two wages & 35 specific claims.

    Interest, dividends & govt payments.

    35 of our most used occupation tax claims.

    No limit to total value of tax claims.

    All tax offsets available.

    Help-includes access to tax assist hotline.

  • Multiple incomes & deductions

    Allows two job incomes (no upper limit).

    Interest, dividends & govt payments.

    60 occupation specific deductions.

    Use our claims list to boost your refund.

    All tax offsets available.

    Help-Tax assist hotline checklist available.

  • Premium Range Services

    Premium Plus

    Rental Plus

    Sole Trader

    New Recruits

    Skype Tax Services

Australia's leading occupation specific online tax solutions.

Why Trust us?

Tax Results

We will call you to discuss your tax results as soon as we have received it.

Skype Service

If you change your mind part way through our online we have an easy upgrade path.

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Service Guarantee

We take care of our invaluable customers and provide a quality service.

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Easy Payment

We do not deduct our fee from clients ATO refund. Your refund gets to you a lot quicker.

4X easy steps to complete your tax for 2018 year

Step 1

Enter your personal details and answer some basic tax questions.

Step 2

Key in your income from your job/salary and any interest or other income.

Step 3

Record your tax deductions which are listed specifically for your occupation.

Step 4

We do the rest for you and your tax refund back within 14 days, hassle free.

Don't be fooled by cheaper online solutions which have many restrictions which wont maximise your tax refund amount.

You want the best possible tax refund don't you? Imagine what you can do with an excellent tax refund cheque deposited straight into your bank account.

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